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Course Types
Full Length
Compliance Training
Australia’s Fair Work Act 2009
Finland’s Non-Discrimination Act
UK Equality Act 2010
OHSA - Occupational Health and Safety Act
French Labor Code
German General Equal Treatment Act
Norwegian Equality and Anti-Discrimination Act
Norwegian Working Environment Act
UK Worker Protection Act 2023
All Learners
Trade Compliance (Import & Export)
Adaptive Learning

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Workplace harassment has no borders. That’s why your organization needs a proactive strategy need to build and

preserve a work atmosphere where everyone is treated with dignity and respect. Our Global Workplace Harassment v4 course helps you to empower your people with the knowledge to identify, prevent and report harassment in all its forms, wherever they work. Learners will get universal guidelines plus location-specific information (where available) on laws, definitions and reporting procedures. Currently, the course offers tailored content for:

  • Australia – reflecting the Fair Work Act 2009, “Respect at Work” reforms and commonwealth anti-discrimination legislation
  • Finland – reflecting Finland’s Non-Discrimination Act, the Equality Act and the Occupational Safety and Health Act
  • France – reflecting the French Labor Code
  • Germany – reflecting Germany’s General Equal Treatment Act
  • Norway – reflecting the Equality and Anti-Discrimination Act and the Working Environment Act
  • Sweden – reflecting Sweden’s Discrimination Act
  • United Kingdom – reflecting the U.K.’s Equality Act 2010 and amendment, Worker Protection Act 2023

Managers also have access to specialized content focused on their crucial role in creating a respectful workplace,

addressing concerns effectively and preventing retaliation. Protecting your workplace from harassment takes a team effort. This training is a powerful tool in that fight.

Course Details

All learners

Key concepts covered in this course:

  • A basic definition of harassment
  • The different categories of harassment
  • An explanation of sexual harassment
  • A list of personal characteristics and protected categories under various laws
  • Who can be considered a harasser – including employees, contractors, vendors and clients
  • The forms harassment can take
  • Where and when harassment can happen
  • How to respond to harassment, support someone who is being harassed and report harassing behavior
  • The prohibition against retaliation, victimization and reprisal
  • The importance of having an open-door policy for reports of workplace harassment
  • How to respond if an employee tells you they are being harassed
  • What leading by example looks like
  • The impact of power differentials and using authority responsibly
  • How to support employees effectively
  • How to avoid retaliation, victimization and reprisal
  • Responding appropriately if a report is made against you
  • A reminder of the learner’s personal responsibility to prevent harassment
  • An opportunity to review your organization’s policies on expected behaviors