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Trends in workplace misconduct suggest employee complaints are on the rise – and that’s a good thing. People are speaking up about actions that violate Code, policies or even the law. But it’s important that organizations – specifically the managers who respond to those complaints – are adequately prepared.

This course is designed to train managers about the critical role they play in the complaint management process and how they can avoid common legal missteps. It will teach them to: be aware of complaints and concerns – even those that come from unexpected sources – respond skillfully and effectively, escalate when necessary and support employees after a complaint, avoiding even the appearance of retaliation.

Failing to handle complaints properly can result in significant legal liability and reputational harm to your organization. That’s why the complaint management skills covered in this course can set employees – and your organization – up for success, protecting organizational culture and reputation and mitigating legal risk.

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Key concepts covered in this course:

  • Spotting complaints that need to be escalated
  • What it means to be “on notice”
  • The importance of treating all complaints seriously
  • Who can make a complaint
  • Consequences of mishandled complaints
  • Tips for interacting effectively during the intake process
  • How to document complaints clearly and carefully
  • Expectations managers need to set for their employees
  • Actions to avoid
  • What retaliation looks like
  • Best practices for post-complaint interactions
  • How to handle complaints made against the manager
  • Navigating employee performance issues
  • Review of the critical role employees play
  • An opportunity to review key policies and certify