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Workplace Violence Prevention
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California Workplace Violence and Abusive Conduct Training for SB 553 

Workplace violence training is an important step in creating and maintaining a safe and productive workplace culture. It’s also required as a part of California Senate Bill No. 553.  

NAVEX’s California Workplace Violence and Abusive Conduct course helps employers meet the training requirements of SB 553 by covering critical concepts like what workplace violence is, how to prevent it and how to identify the warning signs. The course also features customizable sections that enable customers to incorporate the employer-specific content mandated by law, from the organization’s own workplace violence prevention plan including role-based information about hazards, prevention and response. 

By combining required core content with the ability to include employer-specific content, this course facilitates comprehensive training tailored to each organization’s needs. This approach enhances compliance, while also empowering employees with the knowledge and resources to effectively prevent and respond to workplace violence incidents. 

Note: Training alone on general principles of violence prevention is not sufficient under the new law. SB 553 requires employees to be trained on procedures and information that is specific to their job and employer. Our course is built with this in mind and is designed for easy self-customization utilizing our included editing tool.

Course Details

All Learners

Key concepts covered in the California Workplace Violence and Abusive Conduct course:

  • The definition of workplace violence, under California law 
  • The types of workplace violence 
  • What workplace violence can look like and the effects it can have 
  • The importance of following organizational policies 
  • Customizable content: Your workplace violence prevention plan and violent incident log – and how to obtain them 
  • Customizable content: Your organizational resources that can help 
  • Guidelines for protecting physical security 
  • The importance of making a report 
  • Customizable content: The development and implementation of the plan 
  • Customizable content: How the employer will respond to workplace violence emergencies, reports and concerns 
  • Customizable content: Steps taken to identify and correct workplace violence hazards 
  • Customizable content: What’s included in a violent incident log and how to obtain a copy 
  • Customizable content: Workplace hazards that are unique to the learner’s role at the organization – and corrective measures to address them 
  • Customizable content: Providing role-based information about how to seek assistance and avoid physical harm 
  • Common warning signs 
  • Warning signs of violence when working remotely 
  • How to respond to warning signs 
  • Prohibition on retaliation 
  • Different ways to respond 
  • De-escalation techniques when confronted by an angry or belligerent person 
  • The “run-hide-fight” approach for volatile or violent situations, and steps to take once safe 
  • The role managers play in addressing workplace violence 
  • The importance of a safe workplace 
  • A reminder to follow policies and procedures 
  • Staying alert to warning signs 
  • A reminder of non-retaliation policy 
  • Review of employer-included policies and procedures