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Compliance doesn’t have to be complicated

The whistleblowing system making compliance simple

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Launch your journey with NAVEX WhistleB – our fast-setup, intuitive whistleblowing system.

Small and medium-sized organizations manage whistleblower reports and adapt to complex whistleblowing laws using NAVEX WhistleB – both within and outside Europe. 

It’s your go-to whistleblowing system for easing into confident compliance now and scaling up as your needs grow.

Why choose NAVEX WhistleB within and beyond Europe

Easy to use

Get up and running in hours with easy in-house setup, online onboarding and an intuitive interface for managing reports. Need help getting started? Our expert support team can assist.


Protect your organization and manage whistleblower reports in compliance with national laws – including the EU Whistleblower Protection Directive, the General Data Protection Regulation and ISO 27001.

Over 13,000+ organizations worldwide rely on NAVEX governance, risk and compliance software

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How does the NAVEX WhistleB whistleblowing system work?

We’ve transformed years of compliance expertise into a whistleblowing system that’s easy to set up, manage and use.   
Here are the 5 steps of whistleblowing made easy through NAVEX WhistleB:

Report made

– employees can share concerns anytime, in any language, remaining anonymous if they choose

Notification received

– the designated case manager gets notification of a new report and begins a secure review

Secure dialogue

– if necessary, the case manager and reporter can have a private chat conversation to add further details

Investigation processed

– the case manager, and authorized parties with permission, proceed with the investigation

Easy review

– view overall report management stats, performance indicators and other analytics through a customizable dashboard

Protect your organization and build trust in your integrity

Reports received don’t need to wait. Swift processing and speedy communication are built-in user benefits of using NAVEX WhistleB.  

The two central functions delivering these benefits are:

The Whistleblowing Reporting Channel

Experience a smooth whistleblowing report process, 24/7/365.

As the intake center for receiving reports into NAVEX WhistleB, you’ll enjoy:

  • Enhanced experiences – with the standard reporting interface available in more than 60 languages 
  • Accelerated process – with the ability to respond directly to a report 
  • Greater clarity – through customizable questionnaires, so you can get the exact info you need 
  • Flexible reporting – with multiple channels to cover different groups within your organization 
  • Inclusive access – with report translations into 60+ languages, case managers can act quickly 
  • Learn as you go – and have confidence in your compliance knowledge with our free resource library 

The Whistleblowing Case Management Tool

Easily stay on top of whistleblowing cases, from initiation to resolution.  

As the incident management center for reports received into NAVEX WhistleB, you’ll benefit from: 

  • Secure communication – encrypted messaging between whistleblowers and external stakeholders 
  • Inclusive access – with 15 languages available 
  • Data protection assurance – giving you peace of mind about your data protection compliance 
  • Streamlined operations – with built-in language support, online stats and report follow-up 
  • Enhanced system security – with multi-factor authentication and user authorization  
  • Informed decision-making – with pinpoint reporting for analysis across different groups

Discover the convenience of the NAVEX WhistleB Case Management tool in our overview video.


Don’t take it from us! See what our customers have to say.

  • With a credible whistleblowing system we show that we care about our employees and how we conduct our business. WhistleB filled all our criteria as a supplier; they had thorough whistleblowing expertise and a system that creates confidence through a high level of safety and stylish design. WhistleB has been incredibly professional and service-oriented.

    Anna Annerås, Director, Ecolean

  • We are very satisfied with the service that WhistleB offers. The interface is user-friendly and the system ensures anonymity and transparency. The implementation was carried out efficiently and we got valuable advice and assistance throughout the roll-out phase.

    Madeleine Jennefelt, Legal Counsel, Resurs Holding

  • WhistleB is an easy to use system, with relevant features that facilitate the monitoring of reported cases. It is easy to stay in touch with the whistleblower, who remains completely anonymous and we are notified by e-mail as soon as a new report or a follow up answer is received.

    Caroline Jakobsson, Head of Corporate Governance, Stena Group

  • WhistleB has a thorough knowledge in the field of organizational whistleblowing, provides a global tool that is easy to adapt, and has a service minded attitude.

    Johan Ek, Senior Legal Counsel, Swedfund

Telephone reporting options

34% of whistleblowers opt to report via phone.  

Enhance your employees’ comfort with our optional telephone reporting options, which offer an accessible and easy way to offer oral reporting to your employees.  

With our optional telephone channel, employees can choose from self-service secure voice messaging in over 40 languages – or speak directly with trained specialists in over 150 languages.  

Adding telephony also helps you meet EU requirements for oral/written reporting requirements*. Get in touch to discuss your needs with one of our team. 

*According to the EU Whistleblower Protection Directive, organizations must enable reporting in writing or orally (telephony and/or face-to-face) or both. 

*Notable exceptions: In Sweden, Spain, Germany and the Netherlands reporting must be made available both orally and in writing.

screenshot of telephone reporting

Choosing your NAVEX WhistleB plan

Enjoy a smooth, swift setup – whichever plan you select – and have confidence knowing that NAVEX WhistleB keeps your organization protected.


  • Suitable for organizations with less than 500 employees
  • 1 reporting channel 
  • Up to 3 admin users 
  • Up to 3 languages 
  • Assign cases to groups/individuals and automated deadline reminders 
  • Two-factor authentication 
  • Case Management system in 15 languages 

*Subscription is paid annually


  • Everything included in Core 
  • Suitable for organizations with multiple legal entities 
  • 3 reporting channels 
  • Up to 10 admin users 
  • Up to 15 languages 
  • Translation services 
  • Secure live chat for case managers 
  • SSO 
  • Enhanced task management 


  • A customizable plan suitable for enterprises. Get in touch to discuss your needs 

Support your people with Europe’s most trusted whistleblowing system

Get in touch to chat about your organization’s unique needs – and how the NAVEX WhistleB team can best support your goals.