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Protect your organization with third party risk screening software

Your success relies on business relationships as solid as your principles. Easily identify third parties that share your vision and safeguard your most valuable partnerships with NAVEX One.

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In-depth third-party screening and monitoring


Dynamic, risk-based workflows


Automated risk scoring and flagging

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Find third-party risks before risks reach you

Could a promising new business partner secretly cause major compliance risks down the line? If you’re tired of sifting through endless data to find red flags, we’ve got the solution.

With NAVEX One screening and monitoring software, RiskRate, you can:

  • Automate onboarding with assessment distribution, documentation intake and approval
  • Create individual profiles with risk scoring rules oriented to your needs
  • Uncover risks from 50+ categories, including ESG, regulatory and ownership risks
  • Gain additional insight into risks with enhanced due diligence to make informed decisions
  • Get real-time alerts for new risk updates
  • Close risk loopholes and establish stronger, more reliable third-party relationships.
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Address the gaps in your screening and monitoring processes

With the sheer amount of data involved in third party risk management, risks can fall through the cracks to impact your success. Make sure your screening and monitoring processes are built on a solid foundation with NAVEX One.