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Aim and achieve with governance, risk and compliance benchmarking

GRC goals without context are just arrows in the air. Use benchmark risk and compliance data to find your targets and mark your successes.

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GRC benchmarking gives dimension to your data insights

Transform your GRC data into a roadmap of success with benchmarking that puts your progress into perspective.

  1. Performance and progress tracking has clear success and failure reference points 
  2. Data from similar organizations helps you identify prominent risk areas in advance 
  3. You know where you stand against industry averages and milestones 
  4. Minimal guesswork is needed to focus improvements where the world expects them
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Map your goals with benchmark risk and compliance data

Your governance, risk and compliance performance doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Our GRC Insights industry-level benchmark reports are built by slicing the data used to create our annual hotline benchmark report by industry. NAVEX turns your data into actionable insights.

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Customize your GRC benchmarking comparisons

Like GPS for your GRC program, NAVEX Integrity Metrics and Integrity Diagnostics tools help you present your data alongside global benchmarks.

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Benchmark your progress with Integrity Metrics™

Measure your reporting channel effectiveness against similar organizations to know how you’re performing. No more aiming for your incident management resolution targets in the dark!

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Prove your performance with Integrity Diagnostics™

Provide board-ready compliance dashboard reports that tell your data story, all backed up with industry-level data from the latest surveys in the market.

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Our top compliance benchmarking resources

Risk and compliance benchmarking helps you get a head start on your GRC goals. Learn how it brings you meaningful context through the NAVEX One platform below.

Pinpoint your performance with GRC benchmarking

Give dimension to your data with NAVEX GRC benchmarking and leave your mark on the risk and compliance landscape.