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Break silence and build integrity

An ethical enterprise is one where every voice matters. Prove you value what your people have to say with NAVEX One EthicsPoint whistleblowing & incident management software.

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Stay compliant

Meet global whistleblowing regulation requirements

Streamline processes

Streamline report intake, incident management and risk identification

Build trust

Cultivate transparent communication and trust

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Silence isn’t an option – so make speaking up effortless

Global whistleblowing regulations demand that organizations provide reporting channels, but the value of the reports received goes beyond ticking the box. Every report is a window into workplace culture, and your people are one of your most valuable sources of risk data – but only if they feel safe to speak up. 

With NAVEX One EthicsPoint whistleblowing and incident management software: 

  • Your people can easily report incidents, emerging risks and compliance concerns 
  • Reported risks are automatically flagged for proactive risk management 
  • All data is anonymized, secure and available to guide your compliance program goals
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Whistleblowing and incident management by the numbers

By implementing an internal whistleblowing program, you’re investing in your organization’s future success and security. Here are some of the measurable benefits and outcomes our customers enjoy with NAVEX One EthicsPoint.

Voices reinforce your values with people-first whistleblowing and incident management

Use data to drive compliance transformation

Transform your compliance program with data-driven insights, keeping your program aligned with your values and key regulations as you grow. 

  • Meet strict global regulatory standards with audit-ready processes 
  • Predict emerging risks with trend-finding tools and premium analytics  
  • Streamline investigation processes, including notifications and reminders for reporters and managers 
  • Integrate your policy and procedure management system for a full whistleblowing program view

Ready to champion ethics in your compliance program?

Don’t just manage incidents – transform your culture for the better. Choose NAVEX One EthicsPoint, a complete whistleblowing and incident management solution built to give confidence to a speak-up culture.