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Conflict of Interest Management Software

Automate error-prone, manual processes to protect your business from COI risks.

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Collect, Track and Mitigate Conflicts of Interest

Managing conflicts of interest is a key component of any ethics and compliance program. COI Disclosures can automate what is often an error prone, manual process to streamline your organization’s tracking and reporting of disclosures.

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Easily manage the many risks that come from conflicts of interest​​

Reduce Manual Steps with Automated Campaigns

Customize questionnaires to fit your specific needs. Automatically assign different categories to the right individuals for faster review and approval. Monitor mid-cycle changes that may cause potential conflict with simple disclosure amendment workflows.

Send the Right Message to the Right People

Provide employees with the ability to read and respond to disclosure questionnaires in their preferred language. Track completion, set automated reminders, and send escalation notices to ensure you have the information you need. Follow-up through in-app communication and add attachments to quickly close cases and provide an audit trail.

Uncover Insights and Create Reports

Analyze each conflict and your overall disclosure campaign results with intuitive at-a-glance dashboards that are audit ready. Amend responses throughout the year as circumstances change, providing you with up-to-date details that are automatically saved and connected to the original response.

On Demand Disclosures

Enable employees to disclose conflicts of interest outside of annual campaigns, allowing you to address these risks as they surface throughout the year, including:

  • Gifts & Entertainment
  • Outside Employment
  • Business or Family Relationships
  • And many more

Getting Started with Conflict of Interest Management

NAVEX offers the right tools, resources and conflict of interest solutions for any sized business at any stage of maturity. Our team of ethics and compliance experts makes implementing your COI program easy and you are supported 24/7 with access to the NAVEX Community that provides self-service learning, webinars, and best practice advice

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