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Bring your code of conduct to life

Transform your ethical code into an accessible day-to-day reference.

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Set expectations

Clearly share your goals and expectations

Align with values

Connect core values with training and resources

Measure engagement

Measure engagement with your code

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The humble code of conduct: your ethical compass

Lay the groundwork of an exemplary compliance program, adapting your code of conduct as the future unfolds.  

Our Code of Conduct solution provides: 

  • Interconnected key policies, behavior standards and reporting routes  
  • Decision-making tools to link your people to relevant and recent information 
  • In-depth analytics on page views, visitors and engagement time to inform your strategy
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A culture of compliance is built on your code of conduct

Transform rules into culture

Turn your organization’s rules into an accessible and informative foundation that underpins your workplace culture. 

  • Engage your people with an interactive, browser-based code of conduct instance 
  • Make policies and processes easy to understand, follow and query 
  • Link training and resources to continually strengthen your code’s principles
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More than a code – we’re your partner

Instill confidence in your code of conduct year after year with a NAVEX Code of Conduct software subscription. You’ll receive regular check-ins, employee engagement analytics reviews, annual dives into new regulations and trends and more. We’re here to ensure your code of conduct goes beyond words on a page, supporting you and instilling confidence in your code year over year.

Your code of conduct is the cornerstone of your compliance program

Ensure your compliance program is built on a sturdy foundation to set you up for future success. See the difference with NAVEX Code of Conduct.