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More than 75 million people—including more than 15 million in Europe—rely on our solutions. You take data privacy seriously, and so do we. That’s why more European companies trust NAVEX for GRC solutions than any other software provider—we handle more reports, power more compliance programs, and support more employees than anyone else. We keep your data safe so you can focus on the demands of an effective GRC program.

Globally Trusted

More than 3,000 of NAVEX’s 13,000+ customers are located outside the US, making us the largest global provider of GRC solutions. Your industry peers already use NAVEX solutions—join the world’s largest community of GRC professionals.

Versed in Sensitive Data Handling

Protecting highly sensitive data is in our DNA. With NAVEX, you will benefit from years of experience serving industries subject to strict data protection standards—including healthcare, financial services and technology—and enjoy the high level of care and diligence offered to all our customers.

Track Record of Success

Your data is protected by a team of legal and technical specialists dedicated to maintaining its integrity and security. Through our decades of service, we have never received a FISA, EO12333, or CLOUD Act request.

We handle more sensitive info than any GRC provider


Supporting more than 6 million workers in highly regulated industries

8 of 10

Eight of the UK’s 10 largest banks

9 of 10

Nine of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies


Four top global telecommunications manufacturers


More than 1,900 European customers


Nearly half of European customers in technical, financial, or information sectors

Your data is yours

The power of personal data is undeniable—and unavoidable in the modern business world. Your reputation rests on your ability to keep your data safe—we work to keep your data out of the hands of governments and bad actors. Our design philosophy demands the ongoing pursuit of a more perfect solution to the challenge of predicting and mitigating all risk. Upholding the integrity of your data is an essential factor in our shared success.

Security is a certainty

NAVEX’s data centers, in both the EU and the US, are held to exceedingly high international standards of information security. Your data is maintained under the global ISO 27001 data security standard. Encrypted data backups and regular vulnerability testing mean your systems continue running as intended, without unwanted downtime or inadvertent data breaches. Join the thousands of professionals in more than 120 countries worldwide who trust NAVEX to safeguard their data.

Trusted and proven.

“Serco takes the security and protection of data seriously. It is important that those we work with hold the same commitment. When it comes to managing Speak Up data we are confident that NAVEX delivers on this commitment through the secure handling, management and storage of our sensitive case data.”

Robert Smith
Director, Business Compliance and Ethics
Serco Group plc