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Getting Started with IT Risk Management

The job of an IT leader and cybersecurity professional may seem straightforward, but, this is rarely the case. Risk professionals struggle daily with program automation and integration challenges, risk from legacy operations and an overabundance of data all creating burden on their teams.

Inevitably, when trying to mature their risk environment through the introduction of a digital solution, these same professionals find themselves scratching their heads with the endless options, methodologies and approaches.

NAVEX’s latest integrated risk management offering, IRM Out of the Box, is software designed to help you stand up your program fast and manage it with ease. This whitepaper can help you take the methodical steps necessary to get your IT Risk Program started. And with NAVEX’s latest integrated risk management offering, IRM Out of the Box, you can be up and running in weeks rather than months.

For Anyone Responsible For:

  • IT Risk and/or Third-Party Risk Managers

What You’ll Learn:

  • 6 core components to build an IT Risk program framework 
  • How to proactively identify, assess, and respond to risks 
  • What to consider when selecting the best solution for your business

Page Length:

  • 4 pages

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