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Smaller headcount? Here’s your whistleblowing solution

Smaller workspaces mean word travels fast – and people’s voices carry serious weight.  

No matter your headcount, NAVEX helps you grasp risks early and lets your team know their concerns are heard – all while paving a smooth path for your business goals.

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NAVEX EthicsPoint®

Your team’s trust and peace of mind matter. With our customizable whistleblowing solutions, we’ve got multiple ways for them to speak up, all while keeping their data secure and private.

  • Customizable – Fully configurable to align with complex operational needs 
  • Multichannel access – Web, mobile and telephone inclusive 
  • Global compliance – Meets the standards of international whistleblowing regulations 
  • Language inclusivity – Offers support for over 150 reporting languages 
  • Secure data hosting – aligned with regional data privacy requirements 
  • Peer benchmarks – Measure your performance against global statistics and standards 
  • Effortless management – Seamlessly integrates with our NAVEX One governance, risk, and compliance platform 
  • Multiple reporting channels – Maximize employee trust and engagement 
  • Secure data hosting – Full data protection that meets GDPR requirements 
  • Anonymous reporting feature – Ensures everyone can comfortably speak up 
  • Dynamic translation support – For truly transparent conversations, wherever the reporter is

Accelerate your governance, risk and compliance journey, starting today!