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Healthcare Risk Management Software

Meet your healthcare compliance program goals with NAVEX IRM−an easy-to-use, centralized medical risk management solution.

Give your patients the care they deserve by ensuring all aspects of your healthcare operations meet your ethics and quality standards.

Shift Time Spent on Tracking Compliance Issues to Actually Resolving Them

Now more than ever, hospital systems face multiple and potentially disruptive challenges that necessitate an automated, standardized approach to compliance, risk and audit management.

NAVEX IRM enables healthcare organizations quickly evolve compliance, risk and audit management tasks from inefficient and labor-intensive to a centralized and streamlined process.

Meet your healthcare compliance and regulations with quality risk management software that surfaces insights to inform and improve your hospital system’s policies.

Easily demonstrate an effective compliance program by maintaining reportable records for executives, and sharing measurable evidence for audits.

Business Continuity Management: Advance Business Resiliency

IT Risk Management: Correlate Configuration, Vulnerability and Web App Scan Data

Incident and Issues Management: Track All Security and Compliance Incidents

Health and Safety Management: Streamline Workplace Safety Compliance

Take the first step to meeting your healthcare compliance program goals today!

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