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Healthcare Risk Management Software

Meet your healthcare compliance program goals with NAVEX IRM − an easy-to-use, centralized risk management solution.

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Shift Time Spent on Antiquated Means of Tracking Compliance Issues to Actually Resolving Them

Now more than ever, companies in the healthcare sector face multiple and potentially disruptive challenges that necessitate an automated, standardized approach to compliance, risk and audit management.

NAVEX IRM enables healthcare organizations to quickly evolve compliance, risk and audit management tasks from inefficient and labor-intensive to a centralized and streamlined process. NAVEX IRM makes it easier to demonstrate an effective compliance program by maintaining reportable records for executives and sharing measurable evidence for audits.

NAVEX IRM empowers an integrated and agile program so you can turn risk into a competitive advantage

Audit Management: Streamline Audits, Automate Task Generation
  • Identify Audit Universe – Implement a risk-based approach to planning and prioritizing audit processes
  • Automate Tasks – Create audit and remediation tasks based on project and findings
  • Collect Evidence – Easily document and share audit findings
  • Report Status – Complete visibility into audit performance, findings and history

Compliance and Policy Management: Centralize Compliance Activities from Creation to Testing
  • Manage Controls – Orchestrate a multi-regulation controls framework
  • Manage Policies – Create or import policies, then link policies to controls
  • Track Regulatory Changes – Keep pace with changes through an integrated content library
  • Create Awareness – Track and report on policy acknowledgements

Operational Risk Management: Capture Organizational Risks and Policy Exceptions
  • Document Risks – Generate a risk register including dynamic records created by assessments
  • Prioritize Risks – Analyze, score and track each risk; configurable for any risk methodology
  • View Key Risk Indicators – Powerful, flexible reporting on risk status, trends, categories and dates
  • Manage Treatment – Track remediation, including policy exceptions, with integrated workflow

Vendor Risk Management: Secure Extranet for Assessing Third Parties
  • Test for Compliance – Survey third parties with a secure extranet
  • Create Assessments – Dynamic surveys based on standards or regulations you manage
  • Categorize Relationships – Group vendors by type or role to optimize assessment process
  • Automate Reviews – Schedule periodic assessments

Business Continuity Management: Advance Business Resiliency
  • Create Plans – Develop custom business continuity plans with configurable workflow
  • Determine Recovery Objectives – Analyze risks, recovery, and dependencies
  • Test Plans – Use tabletop exercises to validate plan effectiveness

IT Risk Management: Correlate Configuration, Vulnerability and Web App Scan Data
  • Add Context – Correlate data from multiple scanners to identify trends
  • Link Findings – Maintain an asset profile of vulnerabilities, risks, incidents, controls, policies
  • Track Remediation – Prioritize and assign tasks with workflow
  • Deep Integration – Fast setup and flexible controls over input frequency

Incident and Issues Management: Track All Security and Compliance Incidents
  • Investigate Incidents – Manage incident investigations across the enterprise
  • Consolidate Records – Automatically import incidents from third parties and SEIMs
  • Connect Data – Relate incidents to policies, risks and business continuity plans
  • Remediate Issues – Capture and track issues remediation efforts

Health and Safety Management: Streamline Workplace Safety Compliance
  • Catalog Accidents – Record information around accidents and events
  • Create Forms - Generate OSHA 300, 300A and 301 forms automatically
  • Mitigate Hazards - Perform job hazard analyses and remediate potential hazards
  • Manage Inspections – Document site inspection findings and track remediation