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Eliminating Toxic Cultures

NAVEX Masterclass - Train and Retain The Key to a Culture of Learning and Lasting Engagement

60 Minutes

How does your organization approach learning? Though many companies use “training” as a way to check the box for compliance, best practices show that creating adult learning initiatives can yield more powerful, longer-lasting results across the organization. In the first session of this master class, we’ll discuss:

  • How to create a culture of learning by leveraging best practices from education
  • Which learning practices have the biggest impacts on culture
  • How corporate culture and compliance education intersect, and how to navigate both effectively

Presented by: Cindy Raz and Matt Kelly


Defeating Harassment and Retaliation in the Workplace

75 Minutes

Workplace culture is intangible, something felt more than measured. Leading organizations that prioritize creating a culture where employees have opportunity to grow and feel valued actively work to avoid the two harbingers of a toxic culture – harassment and retaliation. In this session, our panel will discuss:

  • New legislation and standards to prepare for
  • Examples of how workplace harassment and retaliation affect reputation and revenue
  • Best practices to create a zero-tolerance culture for harassment and retaliation

Presented by: Cindy Raz, Greg Keating and Matt Kelly


Your Questions, Answered by the Experts

30 Minutes

In this Master Class series, our experts discussed how to create a culture of learning that is also free from retaliation and harassment. In the final session, they’ll answer your questions and provide additional guidance.


Master Class Instructors