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The IRM (formerly Lockpath) Customer Webinar Series is intended to provide our customers access to Professional Services and peers in a real-time discussion and design workshop. While the topics are organized to start at the base of an Integrated Risk Management program and add building blocks month-by-month, and the conversations will go where you want to take them. Ask questions, give feedback, challenge assumptions. While we won’t be prescribing solutions, we are ready to discuss best design practices and address configuration concerns our customers frequently bring up during QuickStarts and Custom Engagements. Throughout the series, you will interact with various Managers and Senior Solutions Consultants across our team, and we are excited to continue building relationships with our customers and learn from all of you!

Third-Party Risk Management (TPRM) Foundations

March 15, 2022 // 60 minutes // 10AM CT

Welcome to the second installment of the 2022 IRM Customer Webinar Series! March’s topic is Third-Party Risk Management Foundations. Third parties are integral to business operations. As your outsourcing needs grow, so does your risk. Third-Party Risk Management (TPRM) takes us beyond past vendor management sessions to evaluation of third-party risk within the full context of your business. Our team will guide you through the foundations needed in NAVEX IRM to build and scale your TPRM program.

  • Establishing Vendor Profiles
  • Maintaining Vendor Records
  • Evaluating Vendor Risk
  • Risk Mitigation and Corrective Action
  • Interoperability and Accessibility

We will have several places for questions throughout the entire session, and we strongly encourage you to participate in the conversation! See you soon!

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Presenter: Adam Billings

Product Specialist, TPRM

Presenter: Kyle Martin

Senior Director, Customer Success & Professional Services