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eBook: Top 10 Risk & Compliance Trends for 2022

Predictions and Recommendations for the Year Ahead

For nearly a decade…

NAVEX has released the Top 10 Trends in Risk and Compliance to provide leaders with guidance on where to focus their initiatives and resources for the year ahead. While global disruptions the last two years have been unprecedented, our observations and predictions for 2022 reflect trends that have been years in the making.

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  • Risk & Compliance Management Expands to Include ESG
  • EU Whistleblowing Directive
  • ESG Disclosure Adoption: What Can We Learn From the EU?
  • The New Normal Workplace (Part 1): R&C Management 
  • The New Normal Workplace (Part 2): Training and Policy Management 
  • Holistic Third-Party Risk Management
  • Data Privacy: Frameworks and Implementation
  • DEI Is Not “One Size Fits All” 
  • Compliance Sabermetrics: Data Will Change Assumptions that Plague Compliance 
  • The Impact of IT Risk on Business Continuity: Making Businesses More Resilient 


  • Carol Williams, CEO & Enterprise Risk Management Consultant, Strategic Decision Solutions
  • Carrie Penman, Chief Risk & Compliance Officer, NAVEX
  • Ingrid Fredeen, VP, Online Learning Content, NAVEX
  • Jan Stappers, Legal Counsel, NAVEX
  • Jessica Wilburn, Data Privacy Officer & Senior Counsel, NAVEX
  • Karen Alonardo, VP, ESG Solutions, NAVEX
  • Karin Henriksson, Director, WhistleB, NAVEX
  • Kyle Welch, Professor, George Washington School of Business
  • Matt Kelly, Editor & CEO, Radical Compliance
  • Michael Volkov, Owner & CEO, The Volkov Law Group
  • Pam Hrubey, Partner, Crowe LLP
  • Patrice M. Palmer, Founder, CEO & Principal Consultant, eRoot Consulting, LLC
  • Susanna Cagle, ESG Product Strategy & Development, NAVEX
  • Vera Cherepanova, Ethics Advocate, Consultant Author, Studio Etica