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New Findings & Expanded Issues Types

The NAVEX 2022 Ethics Hotline Benchmark Report finds corporate compliance functions, and their organizations, caught between two forces. On one side are organizations themselves, trying to find their footing in a nearly post-pandemic world. On the other side are employees, growing ever more empowered about their rights, obligations, and opportunities as employees, and as whistleblowers.

Download this year’s report and use it as a resource to benchmark and improve your program.

Key Themes Emerge Across Benchmark Metrics

Whistleblowers are more emboldened

Across numerous metrics, a picture is emerging of employees more prepared to report misconduct, clearly and directly.

Retaliation is a serious concern

Reports about whistleblower retaliation have always been a small portion of the total, but in 2021 it nearly doubled.

COVID-19 has lingering impact

Even as the world made progress against the pandemic in 2021, corporate internal reporting programs had mixed results.

Value of Benchmarking

An efficient and trusted mechanism that enables employees to report allegations of suspected or actual misconduct anonymously or confidentially is the hallmark of a well-designed compliance program.

Tracking internal data to help get a broader perspective on how your performance matches up to market and industry norms is invaluable. A steady cadence of analysis and benchmarking of reporting data helps organizations answer crucial questions about their risk and compliance program including:

• Does our culture support employees who raise concerns?

• Do we need more training on risk areas, reporting processes or fear of retaliation?

• Do we need to review or update our policies?