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2022 Definitive Risk & Compliance Benchmark Report

With over 1,100 professionals surveyed, the results of this year’s risk and compliance benchmark report highlight several key areas where you can increase the positive impact of your programs holistically, specifically:

• Effectiveness of Risk Assessments
• Leadership’s Commitment to Compliance
• Regulatory Focus and Practitioner Priority
• Culture’s Impact on Regulatory Adherence
• ESG Momentum and Standards

Understand the Resilience of Risk and Compliance Leaders and the Programs They Manage

The risk and compliance profession continues to demonstrate remarkable resilience amid massive disruption and change to the workplace. By focusing on the areas most important to managing risk, programs are able to maintain their efficacy and shape the culture of their organization. The 2022 edition of The Definitive Risk & Compliance Benchmark Report provides evidence of this resilience and dedication even as the world dealt with a second year of pandemic disruption.

This year, NAVEX leveraged both the U.S. Department of Justice Guidance for the Evaluation of Corporate Compliance Programs and the High-Quality Ethics & Compliance Program Assessment from the Ethics & Compliance Initiative to frame the survey and characterize where programs stood on the maturity spectrum.

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