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PolicyTech® Policy & Procedure Management – Professional


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PolicyTech® Policy & Procedure Management – Professional

About this Datasheet

A Professional Solution to Centralize & Modernize Your Program

PolicyTech Professional comes in English and up to three additional standard languages, allowing your employees to access the system in the language of their preference. Automate alerts, track version control, and automatically archive older versions of policies.

Every employee can have access to the most current policy that they need, in the language they can understand. This means less time and money is spent making sure your global organization is covered.

  1. For anyone responsible for:
    Distributing policies, policy management, writing and review, document control, document versioning
  2. What you'll learn:
    • PolicyTech® can automate your policy management program, providing the most current policy to employees
    • Through effective communication with PolicyTech®, your company can reduce legal and financial risks and ensure adequate training and adherence
    • PolicyTech® has many features with benefits to improve your policies in a way that mitigates your risk areaas
  3. Page length:
    3 pages
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