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Finding impactful ways to reach learners who are saturated with heavy training schedules presents a real challenge for compliance-minded organizations. Burst Learning—or micro learning—is designed to reinforce foundational compliance training lessons in short bursts. These engaging 5- to 8-minute training videos can deliver topic-specific content through an interactive and entertaining approach to learning.

Benefits of Compliance Micro Learning

Reinforce Critical Messages

Strengthen annual compliance training with micro learning to keep important compliance lessons top-of-mind and relevant.

Cover Additional Risk Areas

Burst Learning also lets you cover additional risk areas quickly, addressing secondary risks and responding quickly to incidents and trends.

Save Time & Money

The time to train on all risk areas will never exist. Extend your training dollars by covering additional risk areas in less time. 



Each burst has an interactive element to it to keep employees engaged in the learning environment.


Personalize content for your organization. Select bursts can be produced with your branding, questions and videos from your organization. 

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Subject Matter Expertise

All Micro Learning courses are developed with our unparalleled industry expertise.

Flexible Delivery Methods

Burst Learning is available via your LMS, NAVEX Global’s LMS or mobile tablet.

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Always On

Learners can view courses at any time that is convenient for them, 24/7.

Burst Learning Formats

Compliance City

Designed to engage employees with a relevant video scenario followed by an interactive question, Compliance City bursts (5-8 minutes) help remind and reinforce important obligations and responsibilities. Using our “test-out” functionality, learners who demonstrate knowledge of the covered topic area are rewarded with a shorter learning experience.

Ethically Speaking

Share the real life perspectives of people in street interviews on such topics as integrity, code of conduct and ethical decision-making. The 5-8 minute learning experience is followed by interactive content designed to spark conversation within the organization and keep ethical values top-of-mind for employees.

Ethics Street

Humor-based training that introduces learners to a recurring cast of characters facing ethical dilemmas. Learners are tasked with helping the main character—Jack—make ethical decisions in an interactive branching exercise.

Learning Blocks

Learning Blocks are 5-10 minute sequences of instructional content on key ethics and compliance topics related to your code of conduct. They leverage our highly engaging Vector Animation style featured in many of our full-length training courses.  Learning Blocks include interactive exercises designed to engage the learner and reinforce foundational learning lessons. Customization options allow for you to meet multi-cultural and multi-lingual needs.


Great for lesson reinforcement, MyReports are a short (5-8 minute) learning experience that allows viewers to identify and solve problems in critical areas of ethics and compliance.

Third Party Risk Management MyReports

Specifically designed for third parties (such as vendors, agents, suppliers, distributors and other business partners), these 5-8 minute segments that both introduce and solve ethical dilemmas, lessening key risks for your organization. 



Vignettes  are 1-3 minute vector animation-based clips for keeping key ethics and compliance topics (such as speaking up, anti-bribery, gifts, conflicts of interest and workplace respect) top-of-mind. Vignettes offer organizations a compact delivery method to engage employees and maintain awareness throughout the year—without requiring a significant time commitment. Vignettes relay a brief scenario on emerging issues and current topics important to your organization. Customization options allow for you to meet multi-cultural and multi-lingual needs.