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Operational Risk Management

Part of the NAVEX IRM Solution

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Strengthen Organisational Resilience

Operational risk permeates every organisation and every internal process. Operational Risk Management, part of the Lockpath Solution, identifies the top risks confronting your organisation and helps you make proactive, data-driven decisions to strengthen your operational resiliency.

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Preventative Software To Turn Operational Risk Into Operational Resilience

Understand Your Business

Confirms your operations are meeting regulatory and industry standards and your workforce understands and adheres to your policies and procedures. Conducts risk assessments to identify and gather risk-related information on people, processes and technology. Maps risks to controls, processes, compliance mandates, and business objectives for a holistic view of risk to the business.

Reduce Management Time and Effort

Leverages a central risk register to manage risks and track exceptions. Develops simple or complex workflow processes to submit, review and approve exception requests with automated alerts, notifications, and reminders. Utilises assessments to gather, organise, and report on critical risk-related information from the people who work most closely with the associated assets and business processes.

Monitor and Adapt To Change

Centralises all risk data from multiple risk domains and turns it into actionable information. Monitors, analyses and treats risk using virtually any risk management methodology. Monitors KPIs and KRIs and links them to performance metrics. Manages the incident life cycle and implements corrective action plans.

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