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Awareness Solutions

Part of the NAVEX E&C Solution

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Drive Commitment To Ethical Behaviour

One of the biggest challenges facing ethics and compliance programmes is ensuring your stakeholders are aware of your expectations and their responsibilities. NAVEX’s Awareness Solutions provide a large library of templated products that allow you to focus your messaging and effectively reach your audience.

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Awareness Solutions To Increase Compliance Programme Visibility

Increase Awareness & Drive Alignment

Engage every employee and set an ethical tone with awareness emails that introduce your programme. Provide reporting posters to your employees for quick-read information on how to report misconduct.

Reinforce Learnings

Reinforce your message through different formats such as 90 second, animated videos and employee brochures with quick programme facts. Equip your employees with wallet cards for quick reference to your hotline and intake options.

Promote New Programs & Policies

Promote your compliance programme utilising Awareness Packages with more than 50 assets that align to different programme components. Train your leaders with a Manager’s Guide and FAQs equipping them to introduce your programme to employees.