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Your AI-powered guide to employee compliance

Give your people on-demand answers to their compliance questions – as quickly and easily as sending and receiving a text.

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Make policies quick and easy to understand


Securely answer compliance queries around the clock


Give consistent, accurate answers every time

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Employees ask. NAVEX One Compliance Assistant answers.

Imagine your employees having the power to tap into complex policy documents and get the information they need as soon as they ask a question. Compliance Assistant makes it possible to do exactly that, giving bite-sized, clear answers referencing your documentation – around the clock, from anywhere.  

NAVEX One Compliance Assistant brings you: 

  • An easy way to simplify your risk and compliance policies and processes for your people 
  • Maintained chat threads for context-aware compliance conversations 
  • A more human learning experience, using AI-based natural language processing
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The next frontier of governance, risk and compliance: AI!

Revolutionizing the compliance experience, our compliance AI helps you simplify and automate processes. Explore how this innovation can speed up and amplify your compliance efforts – as well as make compliance easier to understand and engage with across your organization.  

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Turn pages of policies into instant compliance advice for your people

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