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The event has now passed. You can view all our sessions on our archive page

Tune in on the 9th June 2022 as we bring you a day of exclusive content from Europe’s leading experts, practitioners and advisors to help your organisation navigate through the increasingly complex risk, compliance and environmental issues dominating Europe today.

The virtual conference brings together a fantastic selection of speakers to ensure you get the latest insights and real-world examples of programme best practices. The conference is free to attend.

  • Discover how businesses are adapting to Europe’s biggest shakeup of whistleblower regulations ever seen

  • Hear real world experiences from business leaders and industry experts on how to mitigate financial, regulatory and reputational risk

Topics will be split into Whistleblowing, and ESG, Risk & Compliance tracks, providing you with the most relevant information to meet your business needs. All sessions will be recorded and available to attendees following the event

Whistleblowing Track:

The Whistleblowing Track is dedicated to bringing you the latest opinions and interpretations of the legal framework across Europe with experts discussing the EU Whistleblower Directive and the proposed UK Whistleblowing Bill. Understanding and complying with Europe’s new whistleblowing regulations is just one part of maintaining a successful whistleblowing programme. Practitioners from a range of industries will also be providing their insights on adopting whistleblowing programmes that promote a whistleblowing culture to truly empower people to come forward and speak up.

ESG, Risk & Compliance Track:

Risk and compliance continues to grow in importance as lawmakers seek to tackle the harmful effects of illegal, corrupt and unethical business practices across the world. The Ethics, Compliance and ESG Track brings industry advisors, business and programme directors together to discuss how organisations are developing modern compliance programmes that reflect responsible, ethical and sustainable values. In today’s globalized economy we reveal the best practices being implemented across internal operations and the wider supply chain and discuss the regulations driving business to establish these programmes.

Keynote Speakers

Keynote Speaker Dex Hunter-Torrike

In a career that encompasses the UN, Google, Facebook and SpaceX, as well as political speechwriting, Dex offers a rare insight into the intersection of politics, technology, leadership and society. Referring to some of the world’s biggest and most influential companies and individuals, he examines important questions of trust, automation, innovation and values. Looking at the positive and negative effects of an increasingly connected world he sees ethical dilemmas, new types of job, competing priorities and a focus on purpose.

Keynote Speaker Natali Engstam Phalén

Natali is a specialist in anti-corruption responsible for the Stockholm Office’s advice in Compliance & Investigations, EU and competition and public procurement. Before joining Lindahl, Natali was Secretary General of the Institute Against Bribery (IMM) and previously worked as a lawyer. Her experience includes investigations, the establishment of compliance programmes and whistleblowing systems and the implementation of due diligence from a corruption perspective. In the years 2018-2021, Natali was appointed three years in a row as one of the female leaders of the future and in 2019 as one of the most powerful women in business.

More Reasons to Attend

Leading Industry Experts

Hear from high-profile keynote speakers, thought leaders and practitioners to get unique perspectives and candid expertise from all different backgrounds. Be inspired and motivated with new approaches impacting your career and programmes.

Programme & Solution Advice

Access our online demos and interactive sessions to explore solutions to help you solve today’s biggest whistleblowing and GRC challenges with representatives standing by to answer your questions.

Case Studies & Use Cases

Hear directly from peers on how they have successfully implemented their risk, compliance and ESG programmes. They’ll discuss the challenges they overcame on their journey to fully integrated and robust solutions.