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Mastering DOJ Compliance Guidance: Building a Strong Resilient Foundation for Your Organization’s Future Success

Date: Thursday, November 16, 2023

Time: 9am CST | 10am EDT

Duration: 1 hour

Unlock the power of compliance and join our webinar that will help you master updates to the DOJ guidance and forge a resilient future for your organization. In partnership with Granite GRC, a trusted team of highly experienced and skilled consulting professionals, our speakers will share their expertise on how to navigate complex situations through strategic and day-to-day consulting services.

Who should attend:

This webinar is designed for legal professionals, compliance officers, executives, and anyone interested in understanding and implementing compliance programs in accordance with the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) guidance. Whether you are new to compliance or looking to enhance your existing program, this webinar will provide invaluable insights and practical strategies.

This webinar is a joint event with our partner Granite GRC Consulting for this session and your registration data will be shared with them for follow-up purposes.

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Join this session for expert insights, including:

Understanding the significance of DOJ guidance

Learn how DOJ guidance documents profoundly impact your organization’s compliance efforts. Discover strategies to align your compliance program with DOJ expectations, allowing you to proactively address compliance challenges. Moreover, compliance isn’t just about avoiding penalties – it safeguards your reputation, fosters integrity and mitigates risks.

Historical perspective on DOJ guidance

Explore the historical context of DOJ compliance guidance to understand its evolution. Insights into past cases and milestones will help you anticipate trends and shifts in DOJ enforcement priorities. This knowledge empowers you to adapt your compliance strategies effectively and align with current expectations.

Building a strong compliance foundation

You’ll gain tools to assess and mitigate risks, enhancing your organization’s compliance posture. Additionally, you’ll explore the vital role of corporate culture and leadership in fostering compliance. Create a culture where compliance is ingrained, ensuring long-term adherence to regulatory standards.

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