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The State of Risk & Compliance in 2023

June 22, 9 AM PT / 12 PM ET / 5 PM BST

As our business environment becomes more complex and regulated, it is crucial for organizations to stay on top of their risk and compliance priorities. In this webinar, leaders in compliance and statistical research will share responses from a recent global survey completed by over 1,300 ethics, risk, and compliance professionals.

Questions asked in this survey covered everything from leadership’s commitment to compliance and ethics to impacts on corporate culture; and program performance and maturity to risk management productivity and integration.

The responses have been compared against last year’s survey data, analyzed and distilled to give a comprehensive view of the current state of risk and compliance priorities and trends.

Who Should Attend?

Effective risk and compliance management requires input and participation from stakeholders across the organization, including legal, finance, human resources, IT, and operations. Thus, any role involved in risk and compliance has lessons to learn from this industry-leading webinar.

By fostering collaboration between these departments, organizations can better identify and mitigate risks, implement effective compliance programs, and respond to regulatory changes. Involving employees from different departments in an integrated, purpose-built risk and compliance strategy, organizations creates a sense of shared responsibility and ownership for managing risks and complying with regulations.

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Uncover key themes and trends within your own organization to mature your integrated compliance strategies

Program maturity, goals and objectives

More than 95% of respondents agree on one single compliance objective being the highest of priorities—meeting regulatory requirements.

CCO/CISO interaction & interdependence

IT professionals unite with compliance as training topic priorities lean into cybersecurity and is a top issue across all geographies.

Leadership commitment

While our C-suite and Boards are highly engaged about compliance, mid-level management’s commitment to compliance is slipping on all fronts.

Data availability, access & use

Program automation with GRC systems lags significantly, and could be because nearly 75% of respondents claim compliance responsibilities remain distributed across multiple functions.

Hybrid work impact to corporate culture

You may have guessed it, but 93% of respondents indicated that hybrid work exists post-COVID, with a direct link to corporate culture impacts.

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