Being Vigilant Just Got Easier With Our New Cyber Security Toolkit

Protect your organization from cyber security risk: download our cyber security toolkit today.

Alarming statistics about the impact of cyber security continue to fill the airwaves, reminding us on a daily basis how critical it is to keep this major risk top of mind.

Research has shown that organizations’ best line of defense against cyber risk is the same as the source of its greatest vulnerability: its employees.  Human error is still the leading cause of cyber security breaches. And yet many organizations are missing this risk, focusing on building a strong infrastructure, but missing the need to make more significant investments in employee education and training. 

Our Cyber Security Toolkit  provides critical tools organizations need to protect themselves from human error that leads to cyber risk. Our toolkit includes:

  • Sample Cyber Security Policy:  We worked with law firm Baker & McKenzie to create a sample acceptable use policy (AUP). You can use this policy as-is, or to benchmark your own acceptable use policy. 
  • Cyber Security Micro Learning Training Course:   A free micro learning cyber security training module is included in our toolkit. Our full-length cyber security courses, created in conjunction with Ridge Global, are designed to give organizations the interactive and engaging training they need to ensure their organizations are protected from cyber security risks. Our short-form courses are designed to be refresher courses that help reinforce the core pinciples in our full length training.  
  • Awareness Posters: Don’t underestimate the power of a good visual reminder to keep cyber risk top-of-mind. Placing the free awareness posters included in the toolkit in high-traffic locations helps reinforce key training messages, and keeps cyber security top of mind.  
  • Sample Phishing Email: Even the most internet-savvy employee can make a mistake when it comes to phishing emails. See how well-versed your employees are with common phishing schemes with our sample phishing email you can deploy to your employees. Send those who “take the bait” the micro learning training course to reinforce the key training principles.

With our Cyber Security Toolkit, your organization will have the policies, training and visual reminders it needs to stay ahead of costly data breaches.

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